10 MIN ABS WITH WEIGHTS – for an extra strong core! you can also use a bottle of water I Pamela Reif

grab your bottle water, a pack of oat milk or 1kg of grain – I am sure you’ll find something inside your kitchen! ♥︎ / Werbung

PS: if you won’t want to use any weights, that’s totally fine! You may also perform all exercises without a device 🙂


▸ the CRAWL is difficult with coordination, I understand hahaha. Don’t start too fast & then you definitely rapidly obtain the spend time from it.

▸ We switch up between weighted movements & bodyweight burners, to actually challenge our inner sixpack

▸ there exists a handful of new exercises inside! We do hope you like them!! ♥︎


▸ When we lay lower on the back, make certain to maintain your Back flat around the pad. Only decrease your legs so far as possible, so that your back isn’t lifting from the pad!

▸ Consider your tummy muscles working the whole time. It comes down to your brain muscle connection! Lift minimizing your legs with the effectiveness of your abs, not your thighs.

▸ attempt to contain the tension inside your abs as lengthy as you possibly can. Squeeze inside your navel “towards your spine” (inwards) and relish the burn 🙂


Equipment: 4kg dumbbell

Alternatives: big water bottle, pack of grain / oatmeal / other grains, pack of milk, no equipment

Otherwise we’ve no breaks (you are accustomed to it right now I suppose) and never much space is required 🙂 Should you prefer a break tho – go! Just never give up!

The recording is within full-length and that means you can simply follow whatever I’m doing 30s for every exercise.


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▸ You could find ALL SONGS within my workout playlist. I update it weekly & it’s on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎


1. Cash Cash – Adore You Now (foot. Georgia Ku) :00 – 2:50

2. Rubin Schulz foot. KIDDO – All We’ve Got 2:51 – 5:50

3. Sonny Fodera & Elly Eyre – Wired 5:51 – 9:08

4. Jubël foot. NEIMY – Dancing Within The Moonlight (Tiësto Remix) 9:09 – 10:50


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When joining me with this workout video, you have to try taking some safeguards as the safety and health is an essential. To prevent any injuries or harm, you have to look at your health together with your physician before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises not being watched as with this video, you’re performing them at the own risk. Visit a fitness professional to provide you with suggestions about your exercise form. Pamela Reif won’t be responsible or responsible for any injuries or harm you sustain because of this video.

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