10 MIN BEGINNER LEG WORKOUT .. with breaks! Booty, Thighs & Hamstrings / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

our first BEGINNER Leg Workout, no speaking .. WITH breaks! ♥︎ / Werbung

This routine works our booty, inner thighs, outer thighs & hamstrings. 30s of coaching, 10s of sleep (or getting a glance what’s next haha).

I’d think about this to become rather LOW IMPACT too. We simply have 1.a few minutes of squats & anything else is not difficult on your legs. Plenty of slow exercises on the floor, that concentrate on specific muscle areas ♥︎


– make certain to maintain your knees behind / in a single line together with your toes when squatting lower

– make certain you retain unwanted weight in your heels (less in your toes)

– the knees ought to be stable, don’t allow them collapse inwards (rather push them out a small bit)

– squeeze your booty in route up & within the standing position


– consider that “imaginary sheet of paper” involving the butt cheekbones 😀 squeeze your cheekbones soooo hard constantly, it will not fall lower on the ground, even though you sink your sides

– weight is in your heels, this is not on your toes


– if you think discomfort at the sides, have a towel or perhaps a pillow to really make it more comfy 🙂

– concentrate on using the effectiveness of your booty to raise your legs. You could also feel it inside your back, but consider your booty to possess maximum engagement within this part!


The recording is within full-length and that means you can simply follow whatever I’m doing 30s for every exercise.

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When joining me with this workout video, you have to try taking some safeguards as the safety and health is an essential. To prevent any injuries or harm, you have to look at your health together with your physician before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises not being watched as with this video, you’re performing them at the own risk. Visit a fitness professional to provide you with suggestions about your exercise form. Pamela Reif won’t be responsible or responsible for any injuries or harm you sustain because of this video.

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