10 MIN TONED ARMS – quick & intense at home / with water bottles I Pamela Reif

TIP: fill your bottles as FULL As You Possibly Can. If there’s air within the bottle, water will move back and forth – that is a little annoying. / Werbung

I understand, training Booty & Abs is the most popular. But don’t neglect your arms! Toned arms, that suit to all of your beautiful body. Strong arms, which have enough strength to carry you throughout a Plank Workouts (haha!).

No huge, masculine biceps – but additionally no flabby bingo wings. This workout won’t help make your arm muscles grow big + bulky. It’ll simply make them more defined 🙂 This can be a super fun routine, which appears easy initially .. but it’ll help make your arms BURN, I promise.

Aaaand I additionally love the background music within this video. Feeling the burn is certainly simpler whenever we can sing along!


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1. Shed an easy – Robin Schulz task. David Guetta, Cheat Codes :00-03:05

2. Sugar – Robin Schulz task. Francesco Yates 03:06-06:33

3. Sun Goes Lower – Robin Schulz task. Jasmine Thompson 06:34-08:12

4. All Of This Love – Robin Schulz task. Harloe 08:13-11:12


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