10 MIN UPPER BODY WORKOUT – for toned arms, chest & back muscles / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

it is time for any new (no equipment) Torso workout! I understand: home workouts for arms, chest & back will always be difficult to find – however i think I produced another killer combo for all of us! / Werbung

Training abs in your own home is straightforward.. but torso without additional weights? Hard. That’s even the reason I did not upload a lot of torso workouts at first of time online. We do not want (or can’t lol) do 10000 pushups consecutively. Therefore we – especially as women – have to be more creative with this torso workouts.

The machine from the workout is comparable to my other “10min Torso Workout” – but we all do have plenty of new exercises & variations in here to really make it more enjoyable! ♥︎

Dennis known as our latest version from the Flappy Bird… Crazy BIRD 😀 Personally i think just like a drunk bird attempting to fly lol.


The recording is within full-length and that means you can simply follow whatever I’m doing 30s for every exercise. Should you prefer a break – Go! Don’t be concerned an excessive amount of about this. You’ll improve with time 🙂 this is the best feeling! I additionally recommend switching your workouts to provide parts of your muscles lots of time to recover and also to hit them from various angles.

▸ you’ll find WORKOUT PLANS with individuals videos on my small Instagram Funnel. 30min, 45min and Beginner Friendly combinations. Browse the Highlight Bubble “Workout Plans” for your.

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When joining me with this workout video, you have to try taking some safeguards as the safety and health is an essential. To prevent any injuries or harm, you have to look at your health together with your physician before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises not being watched as with this video, you’re performing them at the own risk. Visit a fitness professional to provide you with suggestions about your exercise form. Pamela Reif won’t be responsible or responsible for any injuries or harm you sustain because of this video.

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