15 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT / Beginner Friendly – Let's Train Together / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

A Brand New Full Routine – Beginner Friendly ♥︎ Survive Friday, 6pm European Time 

▸ 6pm Central European Time 

▸ 9am Off-shore Time 

▸ 12pm Eastern Time 

▸ 9:30pm India Time

We train abs, booty, arms, back & core strength within this new routine. Everything will probably be lower around the pad – nothing inside a standing position / no squats or jumps either. It’s very knee friendly & neighbor friendly too! 

I tested this with Dennis and that he approves – it’s manageable 😀 can’t watch for tomorrow!

I’ll talk you thru all of the exercises, provide you with tips about the way i perform the exercises & what’s important. 

Individuals 15min is going to be fun – you have this! No excuses guys!


No The equipment. No rests (but you’re greater than thanks for visiting take one, if it is getting way too hard). No noise (no jumps or anything). Everything will probably be lower around the pad 🙂 


▸ You’ll find free WORKOUT SCHEDULES on my small Instagram Funnel. I saved them within my highlights. ➞ Instagram http://world wide web.instagram.com/pamela_rf/


➞ Instagram http://world wide web.instagram.com/pamela_rf/

➞ Food Account http://world wide web.instagram.com/pamgoesnuts/

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