15 MIN GET STRONGER WORKOUT – Let’s Train Together / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

A Brand New Full Routine, to construct strength and muscle – LIVE tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am European Time ♥︎ 

▸ 10am Central European Time 

▸ 9am United kingdom Time 

▸ 1:30pm India Time 

▸ 1am Off-shore Time (night time session? sorry again) 

This routine is not the same as what we should normally do. We’ll perform the movements suuuuuper slow and controlled – to help keep the strain as lengthy as you possibly can within the muscles, to construct maximum strength. 

No Intense, rather slooooow motion 🙂 

Individuals 15min is going to be fun – you have this! No excuses guys!


No The equipment. No Rests. Very little space needed. 

▸ You’ll find free WORKOUT SCHEDULES on my small Instagram Funnel. I saved them within my highlights. 

➞ Instagram http://world wide web.instagram.com/pamela_rf/


➞ Instagram http://world wide web.instagram.com/pamela_rf/

➞ Food Account http://world wide web.instagram.com/pamgoesnuts/


Music by Epidemic Sound 

http://world wide web.epidemicsound.com

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