30 MIN BOOTY WORKOUT / Knee Friendly Edition – Let's Train Together I Pamela Reif

Let us train our Booty.. not our thighs / Werbung ♥︎

We perform a killer combination from the new „10min Increase Your Booty Workout“ and also the „15min Knee Friendly Booty Workout“ ♥︎ no squats, lunges or jumps incorporated. 

This routine not super exhausting (you will not be dripping sweat), however it buuuuurns like hell within the glutes! Plenty of isolation exercises.

I talk you thru all of the exercises, provide you with tips about the way i perform the exercises, explain what’s vital that you me when working with booty. Let’s release individuals workout endorphins! 


Equipment: Booty Band, for those who have one. You may also get it done without tho 🙂 

No noise (no jumps or anything)

One Rest incorporated (woop woop) 


▸  This is DAY 6 WEEK 8 of my workout schedules 🙂 you’ll find them within my Instagram highlights 

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Music by Epidemic Seem

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