30 MIN FULL BODY STRETCHING – perfect for rest days / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

Live Session ♥︎ Thursday, 11am European Time 

▸ 11am Central European Time 

▸ 10am United kingdom Time 

▸ 2:30pm India Time 

▸ 2am Off-shore Time (super night time session? sorry haha) 

This 30min Full Stretching Routine is ideal for Rest Days or anytime parts of your muscles feel extra stiff or sore. This helps you to increase mobility and versatility, which on the other hand helps you to perform exercises during our other workouts better. 

I additionally enjoy this before going to sleep, if I have to calm lower my thoughts and seem like relaxing.

The routine is essentially an extended form of the „15min Daily Stretch“ 🙂 We’ll stretch our system: from neck, to hamstrings, thighs, butt, hip flexors, back, spine mobility, hip mobility and so forth. I



No The equipment. Just make a soft surface just like a yoga pad or towel 🙂 


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➞ Instagram http://world wide web.instagram.com/pamela_rf/

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