30 MIN UPPER BODY & ABS – Let's train together / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

LIVE WORKOUT – Tomorrow / Thursday, 6pm European Time

We found the error which was resulting in the troubles yesterday .. so are going to THE WORKOUT – yay!

If you wish to join me for that 30min Torso & Abs Session – I’d be more than pleased to coach wonderful you 🙂 fingers entered everything calculates.

Beginning using the new “12min Ab Workout”, ongoing by 10min of Torso & finishing using the 10min Muffin Top Session. No Squats with no booty kicks – so ask the man you’re dating, husband, brother or father to participate! It’s 100% appropriate for males 🙂

There are also individuals workouts individually on my small Funnel, if you like the “non speaking” Version.

This Live Session involves speaking, tips to help make the exercises extra effective and my buddy Dennis like a motivator behind your camera. I am also stuck in your own home, so we will maintain our family room again 🙂

No Equipment necessary and never much space needed! Without having a yoga pad, grab a gentle towel!  


This really is DAY 2, Week 3 of my free Home Workout Schedules (you’ll find them on my small Instagram “pamela_rf”).

▸ You’ll find free WORKOUT SCHEDULES on my small Instagram Funnel. I saved them within my highlights.

➞ Instagram http://world wide web.instagram.com/pamela_rf

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