45 MIN BOOTY + ABS – Let’s Train Together / LIVE I Pamela Reif

Yaaaay, finally another LIVE workout online! .. and also the LONGEST one ever! 

Saturday, September 12

11am European Time 

10am United kingdom Time 

2:30pm India Time 

2am Off-shore Standard Time (sorry) 

Starting with “15min Sixpack”, continue “10min Glute Activation” (grab a booty band for those who have one), adopted by “10min Legs + Fat Burn” aaaand we’ll slow lower having a 5min Stretch.

I talk you thru the exercises & provide you with little tips about how to train your booty and abs better. Sweating together is simpler than being alone haha! 

▸ Equipment: for those who have a booty band, technology-not only 🙂 Without having one, don’t be concerned! Or else you just have a gentle surface (just like a yoga mag or soft towel)


Incidentally: this really is DAY 6, Week 26 of my house Workout Plans (you’ll find them on my small Instagram). 

➞ Instagram http://world wide web.instagram.com/pamela_rf/


Music by Epidemic Sound 

http://world wide web.epidemicsound.com

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