5 Things People Get WRONG About OCD ««« obsessive-compulsive disorder

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Obsessions are understood to be: recurrent and chronic ideas, urges or images which are experienced, at some point throughout the disturbance, as intrusive, undesirable, which in many individuals causes marked anxiety or distress and also the individual tries to ignore or suppress such ideas, urges, or images, in order to neutralize all of them with some thought or action (i.e by conducting a compulsion). And compulsions are understood to be: repetitive behaviors (like hands washing, checking, etc) or mental functions (like praying, counting, repeating words quietly) the person feels driven to do as a result of an obsession, or based on the rules that must definitely be applied rigidly. The behaviors or mental functions are targeted at stopping or reducing distress or stopping some dreaded event or situation. However, these behaviors or mental functions either aren’t connected inside a realistic way with what they’re made to neutralize or prevent or are clearly excessive. Now these obsessions or compulsions are time intensive and cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, work-related, or any other important regions of functioning. Which issues can’t be better described through the signs and symptoms of some other mental disorder

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