Coronavirus: Dealing with Stress & Anxiety During a Pandemic

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Our stress response should be something which is brief-resided.. We find out the threat to the safety and the body readies us for either flight or fight by releasing cortisol and adrenaline. Only then do we either fight or try to escape, and our stress response cycle is finished, we calm lower and feel okay. However, once the threat is definitely an invisible virus that people can’t really run from or fight inside a possible way, we freeze. Whenever we do not have every other option and also have to freeze, we don’t reach complete the strain response. There isn’t a release for the central nervous system that’s been cued up for doing things, so all that energy just runs through the body without any method of getting it.

Our stress response may also affect our brain. It ignites our limbic system including our amygdala or what I love to call the fireplace alarm in our brain. Once the amygdala is alerted it overrides our prefrontal cortex which accounts for organization, planning, and making decisions. Making sense because as under attack or threatened in some manner we actually do not need to consider things through, attentively plan things out, or make certain we’re going after our goals. Rather, we have to be impulsive, reactive, and do first, consider it later. For this reason, within the last 12 approximately several weeks, a lot of us might have relapsed into alcohol and drugs in addition to self-injurious or eating disorders behaviors. We’re really stressed out and not able to consider things through. The pandemic has essentially decreased our defenses making us weaker to the impulses.

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