The majority of us understand the bigger trauma triggers. We are able to recognize some people, places, and stuff that injured us, and do our very best to prevent all of them. For instance, if our trauma had something related to the shore we are able to avoid any section with sand or any sounds from the beach. We are able to sit lower with this counselor making a list of all the things that we understand trigger our trauma response or bring us to individuals frightening occasions. What concerning the unconscious triggers? Those we don’t recognize, and frequently find upsetting us, pulling us into flashbacks and causing us to dissociate. Individuals are the type I wish to discuss today, the unconscious trauma triggers, and just how we are able to identify them so that they no more harm us.

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We’re constantly consuming our atmosphere, the sounds, scents, the way the outdoors air feels on the skin. We’re like sponges for sensation which may be great with regards to enjoying ourselves and assessing our position for threat, however this may also make us more susceptible to trauma triggers. That can bring me to probably the most common unconscious trauma triggers, scent. Through the years I’ve had patients report getting flashbacks or dissociating while in tight or busy spaces, and chalking up to being around people it normally won’t know. Even though which may be the situation, on occasions when we dig just a little much deeper we are able to discover that a perfume or perfume worn by someone within their office or at this event was really the reason for the upset. Our other senses might be just like guilty for causing these trauma responses if we are out on the planet living our existence

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