Full Body Workouts At Home (Minimal Equipment!) | Alone in Quarantine

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⏱Time Stamps⏱

Intro/Quarantine Stuff: 00:00

Program Release Delay: 02:09

Workout: 04:18

Lasik Experience: 11:32




▪️Arm Circles/Swings

▪️Band Pull Aparts

▪️Toe Touch to Squat

▪️Hip Flexor Stretch


▪️Bulgarian Spit Squats

3 Sets 8 reps

▪️Single-leg RDL

3 Sets 10 reps

▪️Dumbbell Floor Press

3 Sets 10 reps

▪️Band Pull Downs

3 Sets 10 reps

▪️Band Glute Bridges

3 Sets 15-20 reps


3 Sets 45-60 secs


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FAQs ▹

1.What’s your ethnicity?

‣ Mother is Thai and Father is Canadian..Eh?

2. How tall are you currently?

‣ 5’4″(. 5 🙃)

3. What age are you currently?

‣ 30

3. What exactly are you researching?

‣ Watch my PhD Day within the existence video ▹ http://bit.ly/dayasaphd

4. Is Shaun my boyfriend?

‣ Duh

5. Is your real human hair?

‣ Yes


AYOOO!! I’m Stephanie Buttermore as well as in a couple of words I’m an exercise enthusiast however a researcher in mind!

Just acquired my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology having a research concentrate on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. We do hope you hang in there! xoxo


Federal trade commission: This video isn’t backed. I don’t do backed videos, nor will i intend to later on.

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