Joel Corry – Lonely // HAPPY DANCE WARM UP / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

Isn’t it time to go into b … HAPPY MOOD? ♥︎

I am not really a dancer, however this song makes me perform a Side Step here real quick 😀 / Werbung

This Song Workouts are great like a general Warm-up for the whole body 🙂 we’ve leg movement, get our sides a bit more loose, shake out our arms while increasing our heartbeat. This might even count as cardio, should you do it again several occasions!


A “Song Workout” fits to some specific song and is comparable to a little “choreography”. What this means is we’re not doing 30s per exercise – we’re carrying out a new movement when the beat from the song changes.

1. You’ll find what they are called from the exercises at the very top right.

2. You will have to PAY MORE ATTENTION. There aren’t any beeps that will explain that people start with a brand new movement. Either discover the shocking truth 1x before joining me or keep the eyes on screen!

3. Simply have FUN. In individuals 3 minutes it is all about stepping into the atmosphere to perform a proper workout and revel in some nice music.

4. A fast song workouts are usually a good idea 🙂 it can be done each morning to kickstart your entire day, like a warmup before a far more intense workout or by itself for any quick sweat.


▸ Song: “Lonely” by Joel Corry

You could find ALL SONGS within my workout playlist:

Take a look and let me know which song I ought to use the next time!

I update it weekly & it’s on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.


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