Setting Expectations & Boundaries During the Holidays

I will be speaking about ways we are able to best manage expectations and limitations this holidays. I understand COVID has truly tossed a wrench into a time period of year that’s already vulnerable to stress and upset, so we have to possess some tools and communication ways of help get us through. Today’s video is produced together with Tinder included in the place yourself available challenge. Tinder is hosting a tournament to award $10,000 to 100 people prepared to put themselves available by writing their most authentic profile on Tinder! Just tag @tinder and employ the hashtag #PYOTChallenge to go in, Should be 18+ & a homeowner from the U.S. or Canada (except Quebec). Ends 12/31/20. See Official Rules at

Expectations are understood to be “a strong thought that something may happen or perhaps be the situation later on.” So it’s what we should expect may happen without or with details to aid them. Which could be useful or dangerous based on whether they are conveyed, which we’ll enter into. But let’s also define limitations since they’re equally important. Limitations are limits we put on our relationships by what behavior we’ll and won’t accept using their company people. We are able to have emotional or physical limitations. Emotional ones could be such things as, how to allow someone to speak to you, or just how much energy we are prepared to put in rapport and physical ones relate to how physically close we allow people to get at us. Both expectations and limitations are essential within our relationships, especially at this time when family may expect us in the future home but we don’t feel safe doing this, or maybe other medication is taking it more seriously than we’re and expecting us to complete things to assist them to feel safer.

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