The Most Effective Science-Based Shoulder Focused Full Body Workout

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The program is made for intermediate to advanced trainees who require something totally new they are driving ongoing progress. This can be a very unique training style that utilizes the greatest possible frequency of coaching (hitting every muscle five days per week). Full training has lots of advantages including:

– Reduced soreness = better performance

– Improved recovery capacity = more progress

– Improved mind-muscle connection per exercise = more focus

– Top quality volumes = better muscle growth


– EXACT sets, reps, exercises, rest time, RPE targets

– Exercise substitutions

– Video links for each exercise

– Full summaries of volume for each bodypart

– “Program Explained” section

– A complete FAQ’s section

– 39 scientific references

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A Disclaimer About EMG Research:

There are numerous good reasons to be suspicious about EMG research. Simply because an EMG study shows greater EMG amplitude doesn’t always be certain that there’s greater muscle activation (even though this is probably presuming the process was transported out properly). In videos, I typically make use of the phrase “muscle activation” being an approximation to shortcut this little bit of nuance.

However, greater muscle activation still does not guarantee greater hypertrophy with time, because there are situations when muscles can hypertrophy even without the activation (for example when being extended). Still, for me, if everything else is equal, there’s valid reason to consider that *some activation* should result in better muscle growth than *no activation* which *more activation* should result in more muscle growth than *less activation*. At this time, there’s a large question mark within the literature regarding simply how much EMG evidence lends credence to lengthy-term muscle hypertrophy. According to some correlations within the data, I believe that it’s really more helpful than a lot of the internet fitness community appears to consider now over time, but skepticism should be worked out.

Within this video, I’m *not* using EMG evidence to state “Exercise X is preferable to Exercise Y” but instead to demonstrate the conceptual point that heads from the delts are active for an considerable degree within the OHP. Because this finding also is sensible biomechanically (because of the mixture of shoulder flexion and shoulder abduction contained in the OHP) In my opinion this can be a fair corroborative use of these studies.

Study reported: Saeterbakken et al, 2013

Filmed and edited by Rashaun R and me using Final Cut Pro X and The new sony A7R3

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Filmed at round-the-clock Body And Soul in Kelowna, BC

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About me: I am a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and worldwide-qualified powerlifter having a BSc in biochemistry/chemistry and a love for science. I have been practicing 12 years drug-free. I am 5’5 and fluctuate between 160 lbs (lean) and 180 lbs (bulked).


Disclaimers: Shaun Nippard isn’t a physician or your personal doctor. Always see a physician before beginning any workout program. Utilization of this post is strictly at the own risk. Shaun Nippard won’t assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that could derive from using information found in this video including although not restricted to economic loss, injuries, illness or dying.

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