What Are Secondary Emotions?

So why do Personally i think such as this? How come feelings so confusing? Secondary feelings would be the emotional responses we’ve because of another emotion. They occur because we’ve judgments or beliefs about certain feelings and what’s okay or otherwise okay to feel. For instance, when we feel worried or anxious about something, but they are embarrassed or ashamed that people believe that way, our primary feelings could be worried or anxious and our secondary feelings could be shame or embarrassment. Secondary feelings could be protective, we might not feel safe showing how sad or upset we’re therefore we act up in anger to push people away and be sure we don’t feel too vulnerable. Only for clearness, within this example, sadness could be our primary emotion and anger could be secondary. But you can observe how presenting having a more aggressive emotion can safeguard us from getting our true feelings of hurt or upset uncovered.

The main of secondary feelings is within our very own judgment or beliefs about our primary feelings. So frequently I hear how anger or hurt aren’t okay to feel, a lot of you in addition to my patients let me know that the certain emotion feels frightening or unmanageable, and therefore we aren’t giving ourselves permission to feel it. Rather, we stuff it lower and allow the secondary emotion lead the way in which, which could harm ourselves and our relationships. In addition we’re expressing something which we don’t fully feel. Which is mind-blowing in my experience, and makes me question if that is why it’s not easy to describe why we’re feeling the way we feel. We might not know because our opinion we’re feeling isn’t really it.

Overall, secondary feelings frequently aren’t useful, plus they diminish what we should sense, and then we don’t would like them within our existence constantly. Sure they’ve their devote certain situations, but it might be best, for instance, if I can recognize that i’m feeling worried and rather of lashing out at Sean in anger, I tell him that i’m worried and hopefully get the support I truly need.

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